TITAN ( Scratch,Dent & Paint imperfections) Discounted units.

$ 60.00 $ 140.00

Our mistakes mean bigger discounts. All units are in perfect working order. Since no one is perfect, these scratch and dent units are offered at a discount due to cosmetic flaws.

All photos for the colors listed show the affected area. There might be other minor issues elsewhere on units that are not shown in the photos. The 3 month warranty still applies with these units but only covers functionality and not cosmetics. If you have any questions please contact us using the button below before purchasing. Thank you!


Few things in history dare to carry such a powerful name. The parents of the Greek Gods and the largest moon of Saturn are just some of the few that have been given such a legendary title. We are not here to talk about those things, rather, we are here to announce the newest entry into the legend. Presenting The Titan - the first electro-mechanical box mod designed by Silver Steam Vapor and machined by MastMods.  We are sure it will give you a vape that lives up to the legacy!

Technical Info:

The Titan is powered by two 18650s wired in parallel in conjunction with a very powerful Mosfet.  

Batteries not included.

The enclosure is made out of a rigid cast aluminum material, featuring a magnetic lid with a custom machined lip to allow for easy removal.

Spring-loaded Varitube 510 connector custom machined into the box, so your atomizer sits flush on the top of the box.

Designed & Handbuilt in the USA, and priced affordably.

Dimensions:  3.94’ x 1.97’ x 1’

The Titan comes with a 90 Day parts and labor warranty. For any warranty issues please contact  


Suggested builds for this mod are very dependant on your choice of batteries.  Please be very aware of what batteries you use, and what amp load they can handle.

We recommend:

Using a build between .2Ω to .09Ω

Using only paired batteries

Using Samsung 25R or equivalent batteries

Having a basic understanding of Ohm’s Law



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