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Derailment Vape Co

$ 16.99

Derailment Vape Co. spawned from a idea. To make the best Damn dessert flavors available. A collaboration between Zach Kimble (mixologist) and Eric Cire (Silver Steam) whose all day vapes are dessert flavors, sought to bring the tastiest savory flavors they could to market.  

Railcracker: Robust Graham cracker with a light cinnamon glaze. 88% VG

Baboose: Warm inviting graham cracker crust crossed with a real tasting light banana cream. 87.5% VG

Cocamotive:  A decadent chocolate cheesecake with a graham cracker crust 85.5% VG

Maple Stack: Graham cracker smothered in a sweet maple syrup

Keyductor: Creamy key lime pie underlined with graham cracker crust

Blueliner: Gooey blueberry pie encased in a thick graham cracker crust

You've trusted us to build your mods. Now let us excite your taste buds.